Vacuum Sealer Machine, Food Preservation Storage Saver Automatic

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Extend the Shelf Life of Food

This vacuum sealer extends the life of the food by removing most of the air from the sealed bag to reduce oxidation and prevent fresh air from entering the sealed container. Quick drain the air around the food, It is can be used to keep fresh food, such as raw meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. The vacuum sealing process extends the freshness of the food.

Unique Design and Satisfaction Guarantee

This Sealer is made of ABS material that is durable and easy to clean, the thermal protection function is designed with safety. The slim body does not take up space.
Enjoy The Perfect Taste

Ideal for vegetables/meat/fish/fruits/corns/chips, even marinated and salted food could be sealed to preserve longer. Furthermore, the sealed food after the vacuum is perfectly ready for sous vide cooking and barbecue. The tight vacuum seal prevents freezer burns on frozen meat and vegetables and keeps ingredients entirely free from nasty bugs and bacteria.

Simple Operation

Automatic One-button vacuum seal operation with intelligent LED indicator lights. Owning two selectable modes ( Sealing and vacuum sealer function ) which can realize two or more packages to work at the same time to improve efficiency.

Comes With All Necessary Accessories

Purchasing the vacuum sealing machine also comes with 15 High-Quality starter kit vacuum bags and a vacuum roll, so you can operate the vacuum seal right away!

Color: Black or Silver
Material: ABS
Rated voltage: AC100-240V/50-60HzRated power: 90W
Vacuum pressure: -60Kpa
Maximum sealing: 11.6 inch
Item size: 14.9x3.1x1.8 inch

Package Include
1 * Vacuum Sealer
15 * Sealer Bags
1 * Charger Cable

How To Use 
1. Put the items inside the bag. Clean and straighten the open end of the bag, clearing away any dust and smoothing out wrinkles or ripples.
2. Place the open end of the bag in the vacuum chamber beneath the air intake. Do not overfill the bag.
3. Close the lid and then press on both sides of the lid, and lock the buckles.
4. Press the "Vacuum & Seal" Button and the green LED will blink, the bag will be automatically vacuumed.
5. When the LED turns to be red, the bag will be automatically sealed.
6. When the LED turns to be green again, the process is completed.
7. Open the vacuum releasing valve and release the vacuum pressure inside the machine.
8. Open the upper lid and take out the bag. Refrigerate or freeze sealed food bag if needed.

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