Portable Steam Inhaler, Handheld Mesh Nebulizer

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Breathe your way to better health

  •  Efficient medication delivery for fast relief
  •  Handheld and fully portable
  •  1-handed control and simple on/off function
  •  Minimal noise during use
  •  Atomization through a face mask or nozzle   

✅Vibrating mesh technology produces particles of less than 5μm

This nebulizer provides quick and effective treatment for the upper and lower respiratory tract by creating a fine mist of medicine.

✅Compact and lightweight for portability

Weighing only 90g/3.2oz, this pocket-sized device is ideal for use at home or on the go.

✅Easily operated with 1 hand sitting up or lying down

Nebulization starts immediately at the push of a button.

 ✅Conveniently quiet for discreet use

Take your treatment anywhere without disturbing others.

✅2 delivery methods suit children or adults

Both an adult and child-sized mask are included, and there's a mouthpiece option for more direct delivery.

✅Low maintenance and easy to clean

With less chance of residue, simply remove the mask or mouthpiece after use to rinse or sterilize.

✅Powered by batteries or micro-USB

Plugin when you're near a power source or pop in batteries when you're traveling.



Medicine cup capacity: minimum about 0.5mL maximum 10mL
Noise: ≤50dB (A)
Working frequency: 110KHz±10%
Power consumption: 2.0W
Power configuration: DC5V/1000mA USB power cable or 2*1.5V (2 section No. 5 AA alkaline, the product does not include batteries)
Material: ABS+PP

Package Contents

1 × nebulizer (includes base and cup)
1 × mouthpiece
1 × adult mask
1 × child's mask
1 × USB cable
1 × user manual

Note: Please do not use the battery and the USB adapter at the same time, it will damage the machine. Please check no battery inside before using the USB adapter.

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