Electric Clothes Lint Shaver, Fabric Pill Remover

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Take care of your cherished clothes and keep them lint-free with Our Electric lint shaver Specifically designed to remove lint from such as dresses, leggings, sweaters, and more in just one swipe.

✅  Easy to use, just plugin and switch the on/off button.
✅  Compact design and lightweight, convenient to carry.
✅  Stainless steel cutter, durable and long life service.
✅  Easy cleaning fluff ball and let your clothes look more neat and clean.
✅  Simply turn it on, and run the perforated head over the surface of the item.
✅  It will not damage the clothes with a fluffy protection cover.

Remove fuzz, lint, and piling in one pass with Our Electric lint shaver. This lint remover and fabric shaver are suited for use on different kinds of fabrics. It comes in a versatile design and ensures that all fuzz, foam, and pills are removed safely.


GREAT FOR TRAVEL- With its compact size and cordless operation, this Fabric Saver is portable and perfect for travel or home use. Stores easily in a drawer, suitcase, or wardrobe travel kit.


* Main material: ABS
Power: 3W
Working indicator: Red
Size: (15.5 x 13 x 6.5)cm(approx)
Cord length: approx. 135cm
Color: White and Blue

Package Includes:

1 x Electric Clothes Lint Pill Fluff Remover
1 x Brush   


  • Avoid pressing heavy, to prevent damaging clothing.
  • Do not use on dressing clothing.
  • Be sure to use the floss protection cover when using on clothes with long hair.


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