70m/229ft Digital Laser Point Distance Meter

Size: 40m/130ft
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Reliable and Efficiently: Upgraded to accuracy ± 0.3°electronic level with Accuracy: ± 2mm laser tape measure delivers higher accuracy and faster angle measurements compared to bubble level meters. the electronic angle is displayed in real-time, it is easier to find the horizontal direction, and the measurement result is more precise.
Unique Functions:  The high precision laser head component can be measured quickly and accurately in 0.5s, Auto-Level: Only measure the hypotenuse, the horizontal distance, and vertical height will be calculated automatically; Auto-height: Only measure 2 hypotenuses, and the vertical height will be calculated automatically; Fast measurement: automatic calculation of area and volume with one-button operation
Practical Multiple Measurements: 70M laser distance measure accuracy: ±0.2mm/±1/16 inch, meet your different needs: automatic calculation of area, volume, and distance, continuous measurement, Pythagorean method-3points; good laser measuring device for covering large area: home decoration, especially in large areas such as apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, construction, and industries
Units Switch & 20 Data Records & Energy-Saving Design: freely switch the units in M/ FT/IN/ft+in; 20 data records and recall function which is useful for reviewing and calculating; portable Pocket-sized, non-slip design; 180s of an automatic shutdown to save the power, can work up to 5000 times.
Easy to Use: You can get accurate results in 0.5s, finish your work efficiency; 30 groups of data memory to review the measurement record, and manually delete the data. Professional laser distance meter for home use/decoration, large areas such as buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, apartments, etc. Shut down after 3minutes automatically without any operation to save power.



  • Measurement Accuracy: ±  2mm
  • Measurement Units: m / in / ft / ft + in
  • Laser Type: 635nm, <1mW
  • Historical Memory: 20
  • Temperature: 0-40 degrees Storage temperature: -10-60 degrees
  • Battery Type: AAA 2X1.5V (Battery Not Included)

Package Included:

  • 1 x Laser Distance Meter
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Carrying Case / Lanyard

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