24 Inch Moss Poles for Climbing Plants

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Prevent Your Plants From Going Wild and Out or Taking up Too Much Room.

Grow plants upwards and onwards:

This monstera moss pole provides support to your growing plants by giving sturdy support to them. Made of 100% coco coir, the moss pole for plants monstera is water absorbent which maintains moisture and nutrients required for your plants to keep the plant roots moist and provide outdoor nature value to fulfill their growing needs.

Enhance your indoors:

Moss pole for plants gives your plants extra support and tidiness indoors giving your interiors a desirable and premium look. The moss stick is made and covered in coir using natural fiber material that is extracted from the husk of a coconut, being extra support for your plants.

Extend and Adjust as plants grow:

An ultimate solution for plant extension with these moss sticks for indoor plant climbing that is sharpened to give extra support in the soil. The plant moss pole is made especially for compatibility and an extension you seek for your indoor plant support.

Easy to operate:

Insert the sharp-edged wooden stick deep into the soil and wrap the plant zip ties around the coir moss sticks. If you need an extended size, just insert the plant pole into another to extend the length.

  • Size of one pole:   15”
  • Material: Coco Coir Sheets, PVC Pipe
Package included:
  • 2 * Moss Totem Pole


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