11-Piece Resistance Band Set

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This resistance band set is extremely effective and will help you to burn fat and increase muscle strength, as well as to increase coordination, boost stamina, flexibility, range of motion, and exercise different muscle groups. They are easy to carry and lightweight so you can train anytime and anywhere.

Using these you can increase your exercise level by combining them to have more resistance.

Those bands are made of 100% natural latex construction to handle the toughest workouts


  • 5 different colors: yellow (10 lb), blue (20lb), green (30lb), black (40lb), and red (50 lb).
  • 2 soft ankle straps
  • 2 cushioned soft grips
  • 1 door anchor
  • 1 handbag

Package Included:

  • Tension band * 5
  • Ankle strap * 2
  • Grip * 2
  • Fixed anchor * 1
  • Tote bag * 1

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